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Respiratory, Limb Therapy & DVT Machines

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Patient Care Beds

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Bed Sores Prevention Range

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Allied Products Range

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Orthotics & Splints & Pressure Garments

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  • Products on Rent & Sale : Patient Care at Home Is Now Easy

  • MEDRENT provides the facility to setup all equipments at home on rent or sale required for patients of any ailment. MEDRENT offers the equipments for rent & sale such as Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygen Cylinder, C-PAP, Bi-PAP, Suction Machine, Hospital Beds, Ripple Bed (Air Mattress), Wheel Chair, Nebulizer, Walkers, Crutches, Bed Pans, Commode Chairs, BP Apparatus, etc. The Rental Services starts from Rs. 30/- onwards and further depends on the medical equipment.

    "MEDRENT" Launched Medical Equipment Rental Services- for the first time.

    What is home care ?

    Home care is “the provision of equipment and services to the patient in the home for the purpose of restoring and maintaining his or her maximal level of comfort, function, and health. Home care is able to address a wide spectrum of patient care needs. By integrating physician house calls into the home care paradigm, this definition can be broadened to encompass nearly all aspects of medical care. In any case, effective home-based care requires a collaborative effort of patient, family, and professionals.

    Why Care at Home ?

    Home care is a critical concern for an increasing number of patients with both chronic and acute diseases. New technologies, pharmaceutical advances, changing reimbursement policies, and the continuing desire of patients and their families to remain in their homes have combined to drastically change the treatment of acute and chronic illness. Patients with chronic illness are living longer, and patients with acute illness are discharged from hospitals earlier, increasing the need for complex and often less costly care in the home. This has resulted in a paradigm shift in medical care delivery from hospital-based care back to home-based care. In an increasing number of situations, home care can be considered the “first option,” preferred over hospitals, emergency departments, or nursing homes whenever care needs can safely be met at home.

    The goals of home care

    • Improve the health and quality of life of the patient through comprehensive primary medical care and nursing and rehabilitative services
    • Reduce the need for hospitalization and nursing home and other institutional placement
    • Provide support for the informal caregiver
    • Reduce emergency department visits
    • Reduce hospital length of stay and the risk of hospital readmission
    • Allow terminal patients to die at home in comfort if that is their wish
    • Enhance optimal growth and development of infants and children
    • Enhance functional potential of patients on life-sustaining devices