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  • Combating Bed Sores

    Every bed ridden patient has a risk of developing bed sores, Medrent offers wide range of bed sores prevention products for every bed ridden patient. The products in this category are like Air Mattress, Tubular Mattress, Air Ring, Silicon Gel Sheets etc…

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  • Empowering Mobility

    There are various conditions such as fracture, total knee replacement, total hip replacement, paralysis, muscular atrophy & old age etc. Medrent offers wide range of mobility products like simple walking to motorized wheel chairs…

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  • Respiratory Curing

    Medrent offers a comprehensive solutions for the patients suffering from diseases such as sleep apnea, acute/chronic respiratory failure COPD asthma etc. It offers respiratory products like Bi-Pap, C-Pap, etc…

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  • Patient Care Beds

    Medrent offers independent and convenience at home with patient care beds. The range include basic single function (semi fowler beds), two function (full fowler beds), three function electric beds, so patient himself can adjust his position…

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  • Bed Room Accessories

    Bed ridden patient (whether due to delivery, surgery or illness) face many challenges while sitting, eating & managing their other activities. Medrent offers a wide room bedroom accessories to make etc…

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  • Bathing Easy & Safety

    Patients of arthritis, fracture, total knee replacement, total hip replacement, chronic osteoporosis, extreme obesity, paralysis, face a seriuos problem to use bathrooms. To enhance ease and safety Medrent offers wide range…

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  • Allied Products

    Patients with disease heart problem, high/low blood pressure, high/low fever, etc. require fast check up of these diseases. Medrent offers a wide range of allied products like BP-Mpnitor, Thermometer, Analog, etc…

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  • Orthotics & Splints

    Patients of fracture, total knee replacement, total hip replacement, body pain, backache, etc. face a seriuos problem to survive. To provide aids to these patients Medrent offers wide range of orthtics & splints products…

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