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    Adult Diapter-1

    Moist skin is prone to irritation, breakdown and the formation of pressure sores. High performance products retain larger volumes of urine and the fluid will not squeeze out even under pressure. The result is dryer, healthier skin. Choosing a right mix of the same is similarly a difficult task. Now with Xtracare state of the art adult diapers one can get both the convenience ,quality and price.


    • Absorption/Dryness Capabilities
    • High absorption and dryness capabilities allow the product to be used for severe cases of incontinence
    • Less diapers are needed as the product absorbs high levels of urine
    • Wetness Indicator
    • Special wetness indicator shows when the diaper needs to be changed
    • Double Refastenable Tapes
    • Allow numerous fastenings
    • Provide greater security the diaper comfortably over the user
    • Waterproof Outside Cover
    • Strong polyethylene cover protects clothes and linen
    • Elastic Leg Cuffs (Barriers)
    • Provide extra protection against leakage
    • Compact Packing Minimizes transport cost
    • Requires less storage space warehouse, pharmacies
    • Non-woven one way top to give dry feeling.
    • Inner Absorbent pad for better absorption.
    • Super Absorbent Polybeads to convert liquid into gel.
    • Frontal tape with landing guide for better adjustment.
    • Two pairs of re-fastenable Tape Tabs for comfortable fitment.
    • Multistrand Leg Elastic for snug fitting.
    • Standing Leg Guard to prevent side leakage.
    • Light in weight, no odours, no leaks, no soars.
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