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This is the cross section in the state that air pressure is given to the cuff.
It compresses the vein and promotes the flow of blood and body fluids, giving pressure by the repetitive swelling and contraction of air pressure.

Changing temperature on the surface of the skin The temperature on the surface of the skin changes as below picture because blood circulation and lymph secretion are promoted and metabolism is activated by Power-Q1000's pressing and massaging on each region of the body.
Wear the boots-cuffs and operate the machine, and it starts massage your feet-calves-knees-thighs by the swelling of the air pressure as shown in the picture, and gives pressure to the vein, thus promoting the circulation of blood and body fluids.

Legs are the second heart of our body The muscles in the calves also play a role to deliver blood from the tiptoe to the heart. Walking exercise is an exercise for the muscles in the calves, which can facilitate the function to push the venous blood gathered in the lower limbs up to the heart, and promote blood circulation, thus helping the whole body actively move.

Power Specifications

  • Rated Voltage       AC 220~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Rated Current        0.2A
  • Power Consumption        25W
  • Adjustable Timer        0~30 minutes
  • Pressure        20~220mmHg
  • Weight        3,5kg

( Model Number : Power-Q6000 PLUS)


POWER - Q6000 PLUS Specifications

  • Rated Voltage - AC 110-120W / 220-240W, 50/60Hz
  • Rated Current - 0.2A
  • Power Consumption - 25W
  • Adjustable Tumer - 0-30minutes
  • Pressure - 20-300mmhg#10%
  • Weight -8.7kg
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