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    Bi- Pap Mask-1

    With the ComfortGel Full, Respironics has incorporated the proven gel cushion and silicone flap sealing design of the popular ComfortGel Nasal into a full face configuration. The result is a full face mask with the superior sealing characteristics of the original ComfortGel Nasal Mask, combined with the new Stability Selector forehead support and ultra-soft forehead pad. In addition, the gel cushion and seal are removeable for easier cleaning and replacement, unlike the older ComfortFull mask. Put it all together, and you have a mask that should make a big difference in the quality of sleep for those who require a full face mask for their therapy.


    • New Forehead cushion provides enhanced patient comfort and easy adjustment.
    • New replaceable gel cushion enhances comfort and provides a robust seal.
    • Replaceable silicon flap with integrated retaining ring uses sure seal technology (SST) designed to enhance seal.
    • Ball-an-socket Quick Clips allow for easy mask removal during the night.
    • Premium headgear enhances stability while remaining cool and breathable.
    • O2 connection port for O2 bleed-in or pressure measurement.
    • Swivel connector for easier hose management also incorporates quick-release tabs to easily disconnect the hose for greater nighttime mobility.
    • Enhanced Stability Selector allows for easier movement and optimum angle adjustment across the bridge of the nose.
    • Exceptionally quiet exhalation port integrated into swivel directs air away from the patient and sleeping partner.
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